General Data:

Some general brochures and a few leaflets on specialized products are available.
To quote, we need to know the range of the material (width and thickness), type of material, whether the equipment has to drop into a present line, or stand alone, what types of material are to be run, what speed range is preferred, what type of edge is required, or what amount of decambering is needed.

A detailed questionnaire is available upon request, for edging or decambering.
These list all the details needed to quote on complex projects and help ensure all relevent data is included.

You are cordially invited to complete these for detailed quotations.



Barnes Advanced Technology, Inc.,
1051 Clinton Street,
Buffalo, New York 14206
Phone: 716-856-2988

In (Canada):

Austen Barnes Advanced Technology (1991) Inc.,
3407 Holborn Road,
RR2 Queensville,
Ontario L0G 1R0
Phone: 905-

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