These decamberers are suited to wider width materials than the snake type.

The material is rolled with a uniformly tapered force across its section, with the force exactly set to extend the short edge on the concave side, so that its length is increased to match the other side. The reduction in thickness of the treated side at the edge is minuscule, typically only 0.0001 inch (0.0025 mm).

These machines can be operated using manual controls for consistent camber, as attained from one side of a slitter, or they can be designed to operate automatically.

The automatic controls can be built with two levels of sophistication:

In the first, the camber direction and amount is sensed at the machine input and the machine sets itself up to correct the camber by applying the correct force to the tiltrolls. The machine has to be "told" the material type, thickness and width, enabling the correct scale factors to be applied.

In the second, the exit camber is also sensed and the machine learns its by its own experience, establishing the scale factors itself. The operator reads off the scale factor and replicates it next time that type and size of material is run, avoiding the need for the machine to relearn the process.

The tiltroll decamberers are available in any size, for any width or thickness of material. However, the wider the machine, the less the ability to process very narrow, thin materials as the required tilt angle across the narrow width cannot be achieved. The wider machines are therefore unsuited to very narrow thin stock.

For full details, contact the factory.


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