We manufacture a wide range of decamberers, both powered and drop - in retrofit. Decambering was mainly done by stretchforming prior to the more recent technology.

Stretchforming requires costly, powerful equipment which extends the strip 1% or more, stretching all the material beyond the elastic limit. Stretchforming still has a place in processing very thin materials. However, for most material we avoid the need for this overkill process by two alternative decambering techniques described below.

We have developed two highly effective basic types of decamberer.
This decamberer family is ideally suited to narrow strip materials. The material is well supported at the edges and is guided through siderolls which laterally bend or "set" the material to the left or right. This "set" is then removed by a diminishing sinusoidal cycle of bend through successive side rolls, achieving near zero camber. Original camber, left or right, is lost in this process. These machines can be adapted to any metallic material ranging grom soft copper to Inconel. A typical machine of the precision series of this type converts 0.020 inch camber - left or right - in 12 inches (1 part error in 600) to 0.001 inch camber in 12 inches (1 part error in 12,000).

The limitation of the snake type is wide width material or thin material. These materials do not have the edge strength to withstand the sideloads of the operation. These machines operate best at up to 1 inch (25.4 mm) material width.


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